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Warning. The following content is highly controversial. It may not be suitable for all ages of viewers. (Especially this of middle age.)

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For almost 80 years a war has been waged–and raged– within the hearts of almost every Jewish human on earth. A debate so profound it's attracted-and distracted-the greatest minds on Earth. Nobel laureates, MacArthur Genius Grant recipients, university presidents, scholars, philosophers and poets, cantors and clarinetists. A question so essential to the joys and tribulations of the Jewish existence. A question that remains the most enduring in human history … eternal and never decided. This question is furiously examined and debated throughout the hallowed halls of the world's finest institutions of higher learning, among global leaders, and within the shadowy underground centers of power. 

This documentary will explore the seriousness and utter absurdity of one of the most passionately debated topics in existence. 


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Executive Producer / Director

Amy is a producer and a storyteller at heart. In industries that haven’t traditionally encouraged women, Amy broke through early and stuck around. The reason is simple: Amy loves the creative process. Recently, Amy has turned her producing attention to the telling stories nearer and dearer to her heart through doc style films-an art form she truly loves.

A contrarian by nature, Amy stands by the Hamantash, and refuses to back her stance with any strongly held belief system, other than …"She's right … she knows it, you know it, and it's pretty obvious why!"

Benjamin Lorch

Advisor / Producer

Ben attended his first Latke–Hamantash Debate in 1989 as a student at the University of Chicago, the fountainhead of all this serious nonsense. He later studied Aesthetics with Philosopy Prof. Ted Cohen, long-time moderator of original University of Chicago Debate. In 2012 Lorch initiated a Latke–Hamantash Debate in Krakow, Poland held at the JCC Krakow during the Festival of Jewish Culture. The Krakow debate now enters seventh year and has engaged rabbis, Holocaust survivors, international diplomats, artists and scholars.

Lorch currently serves as the Head of GISMA Business School Berlin Campus where he is responsible for leadership, management and strategic development. He is also a teacher of intercultural communications employing techniques of improvisational theater.

A very decisive person, Ben has long proclaimed the superiority of the Latke ... or the Hamantash depending on present company, whether the moon is waxing or waning, and if the hour of the day is an odd number or even ...  

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Think this debate will ever be laid to rest? Watch below to find out.