Please help us bring the Latke-Hamantash Debate to screens, big and small, around the world with a supporting donation. Whether you are a Latke Lover or a Hamantash Partisan or you just like a good argument, you can become a part of this international effort. 

$100 Makes you a friend

Friends help us feed the crew; homemade latkes and hamantash for each shoot. Give at the $100 level and receive double sided recipe card with classic recipes for both latkes and hamantaschen.

$500 Makes You A Mench

When you are a Mench your donation allows us travel to each expert, scholar or debater to capture their stories. Menches receive The Great Latke-Hamantash Debate book from the University of Chicago Press.

$1,000 Makes you A Real Mench

A Real Mench puts us on airplanes to capture the debate wherever it breaks out like Krakow, Poland and other exciting locales. Real Menches cook for their friends so you also receive a offically sanctioned spatula good in the preparation of both latkes and hamatash.

$5,000 Makes You A Makher

When you become a Makher you help us rent cameras, because we need to capture everyone’s best lines from their good side. Makhers also receive the perks above and Jewish Cooking In America by Joan Nathan (did you know she’s in the film?!)

$10,000 Makes You A Serious Makher

A serious Makher ensures that it all comes together. Now we are talking money at levels that lifts our project to a new level. Serious Makhers get the books, they get the recipe card, they get the spatula and they receive a special on-screen thank you in the film.

$20,000 Makes You A Producer

Your mother will be proud! Producers, among all above, will also be our guests at next year's Latke Hamantash Debate at the University of Chicago for US-based supporters or next year's Latke Hamantash Debate in Krakow Poland for Europe-based supporters.

$25,000 Makes You An Underwriter

Oy Vey! Who Knew? You get it all! The recipe card, the books, exotic travel and unbridled joy of knowing you contributed to making the world a better place by making people laugh (and occasionally cry, when cutting onions.)

Or be A Meshugena

Give whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you want, whyever you want. We do not accept wooden nickels. (Actually, if you have a wooden nickel, we would like to see that. Please see photo.) All donations will be recognized by name in the film and whenever we are talking up the film -- and we talk about the film a lot!


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